Friday, December 19, 2008

paper ball ornaments

How cute is this ornament?! I can't get over that I actually made these! And it was pretty easy! Every once in a while I try to be crafty, but until now none of my projects have ever turned out the way I expect them to. A few days ago I came across directions for making paper ball ornaments on DesignSponge, and I just love how they turned out!
If you head over to Design Sponge for the directions, I just have few tips of my own to add...
  • I used 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper from Archivers, and I think something a little thinner would have worked better. But you'll definitely want paper that has a design on both the front and back.
  • While I was at Archivers I used their 3" and 4" circle punches to cut out the circles - much easier than cutting out each circle with scissors! And I really like both of those sizes.
  • I tried using mini glue dots, but because of the thickness of the paper, they didn't hold the paper together. So I bought 1/2" glue dots, and those worked perfectly.
  • Before stapling the circles together I folded a ribbon in half and placed it on top of the crease, stapling it along with the circles in the middle and at the top.
It's probably hard to tell from these pictures, but the above ornament is made with 3" circles, the rest are made with 4" circles.

This last one is my son's favorite, made with the dinosaur paper he picked out.


Anonymous said...

Your ornaments are just beautiful! What a creative way to decorate; thank you for sharing.


jill said...

I had bookmarked these when I saw them on Design Sponge. They turned out great! You are quite the inspiration. Love the holiday card, by the way!

Mrs. Doodle said...

These are so cute. I was going to make them but instead made the globes on Heather Bailey's site. I think I am going to make these soon though.

One question for you... where did you get that dinosaur paper? (I hope not at archivers... we don't have one anywhere near us. It looks like I could spend a lot of money there though!) Who makes it? My bff's little boy (and her) would love this.

Sara Tams said...

Unfortunately the dinosaur paper is from Archivers, and I didn't look at the manufacturer before we cut out the circles and threw out the scraps - I was just so happy that we found a 2-sided dinosaur paper!