Tuesday, June 30, 2009

personalized sports water bottles

A couple of weeks ago I came across some super cute personalized water bottles (pictured above) in my friend, Dacia's, Etsy shop, Lima Bean Kids... exactly what I needed for my son, Jack. Last fall I bought him a kids Sigg water bottle that he lost later that day at soccer practice. I bought him another one which he left in the car, full of water, in the winter. When the water froze, the bottle cracked. Next I bought him a cheap plastic one at Target that kept leaking. So lately I've just been putting waterproof name labels on regular water bottles from the grocery store for him to take to baseball practice.

I was just about to buy one from Lima Bean Kids when I started thinking, I wonder if my silhouettes would work on these? Dacia was kind enough to tell me where she buys them from and encouraged me to give it a try, so I ordered one, I love how it turned out!
The above images are the front and back of the one I ordered for Jack. The quality of the water bottle is excellent, and the printed images look great! So today I spent some time deciding which designs and colors to offer, and then posted them in my Etsy shop and on my website. These are a few of the options I came up with:
I have no idea how well these will sell, but I'd really like to offer more non-stationery products, so I'm very curious to see how they do!