Wednesday, August 18, 2010

personalized cupcake toppers for kids birthday parties and baby showers

I just added another new item to my website... cupcake topper kits! I'm so happy with how they turned out!
I really struggled for a while to figure out the best way to make these - I had a complete mental block! Luckily my friend Stacy at Ink Spot Workshop was kind enough to answer all my questions and help me figure out the best way to assemble them.
This was definitely my kids' favorite photo shoot! They really enjoyed "helping" (licking spoons, spatulas, bowls, etc.). And they were especially happy when I had all the pictures I needed and they could finally eat the cupcakes and deliver the extras to neighbors!The toppers are easy but time consuming to assemble, so to keep the price down I decided to offer them as a kit. When placing your order you can pick which design(s), color(s) and text you'd like. The kit includes 2" card stock circles (with a solid or scalloped border), 1.5" circle stickers printed with the design(s) you choose, and 4.25" white lollipop sticks.

Friday, August 6, 2010

new! personalized lined stationery for kids

My kids (Emma, 5, and Jack, 7) have been really missing two of their best friends who moved away this summer. Yesterday morning they were eager to write letters to them. They started out using blank paper, but we quickly realized that lined paper would be much easier for them to write on, not to mention easier for their friends to read.

I printed some cute olliegraphic stationery for Emma with light pink lines to write on. When Jack saw it he wanted some, too, but he asked if I could put a soccer ball or football on it instead with blue lines. I loved how they both turned out!

I've thought about offering lined stationery for kids off and on, but it wasn't until I saw Jack & Emma using it that I realized what a good idea it really is. Even though they could type an email to their friends, and they would probably prefer to use the computer than to practice their handwriting, I know how much they love getting mail, and I'm sure their friends will enjoy receiving old fashioned letters as well.

So this afternoon I added a few lined stationery sets to my website. What do you think?