Wednesday, July 2, 2008

what should I give away?

I noticed recently that my Etsy sales are approaching 1000, and I've been thinking that I should come up with some kind of fun prize for the person who purchases the 1000th item. I'm guessing it's about 2-3 weeks away, and I'll post again when it's getting closer. Any ideas?


Jessica Leman said...

Personally, I think gift certificates are the best prize! : ) Maybe $1,000 since it will be your 1,000th sale :) just kidding!

Little Sweethearts said...

If you want to do a blog giveaway you could give the participants a choice out of lets say 3 items.

And perhaps, because 1,000 is important and since you will probably only do this once, maybe you could refund the item to the buyer? Kinda like the "win a full shopping cart" at the grocery store.


Anonymous said...


How about personalized stationary or note cards for the winner?

Take Care,


Summer said...

I think the refund idea is fun, or giving a choice of a few different products. Congrats on almost reaching 1k!

trammie81 said...

I have seen sellers on etsy offer free shipping until they reach their 1000th sale. (Maybe when you are at 990 or 995 you can start the free shipping) I know I love to see those deals and are really enticed to buy items when free shipping is offered. Your items are so adorable!