Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to add Handmade/Etsy items to your Amazon Wish List

Perhaps you've already heard of this, but I was so excited when I found out about the Amazon Universal Wish List button this morning, I just had to share!

I was adding some items from Amazon.com to my kids' wish list this morning - which I use partly for relatives who ask what they'd like for Christmas and partly for myself to bookmark ideas whenever I come across them. And I saw some information about how to add items from any website to your Amazon Wish List. It even showed an Etsy page as an example.

My mind started racing at the thought of being able to add handmade items and items from small websites to one wish list and hopefully encourage shopping for handmade gifts.
If you have an Amazon wish list, all you do is go to this page to add a "Add to Wish List" button to your toolbar. Then whenever you're browsing Etsy or another website and you're on the page of an item that you want to add to your wish list, you just click on the Add to Wish List button. A window pops up that allows you to add comments - perfect for when you're adding items to your wish list that have options for personalization!


Megan said...

How cool! I am new to Etsy and didn't know that the Wish List option on Amazon worked for Etsy shops. A neat thing indeed!

the monkeys' mama said...

this is awesome! i know you told us about this pre-Christmas but i'm so happy to still find out about it post-Christmas.