Saturday, February 26, 2011

more personalized pillow photos

Yesterday afternoon I took some pictures of my friend's son, Owen, with a personalized pillow. When we were done he started to hand the pillow back to me, and I told him that he could keep it. He was so excited, his reaction really made my day! People have told me "my daughter is going to love this" or "my daughter loves her pillow", but seeing that reaction in person was such a treat.

When I decided to offer personalized throw pillows I was mostly thinking of them as a decor item that would delight moms more than kids, so it's been great to get positive feedback from kids, too!


Anonymous said...

So sweet - it really looks like him. What a fun idea!

contact said...

Hey Sara,
Your concept and site is amazing! Love your story as well! I would like to showcase some of your sibling geared products on my blog,

Besides, I've got my eye on the flashcard style silhouettes for my two sons. So unique and precious, a true keepsake for us moms!!!

Sara Tams said...

Hi Marty, that would be great, thanks! Please feel free to use photos from my website.