Monday, November 19, 2007

the original idea

My original idea was to create religious-themed wall decor for nurseries and children's bedrooms that would fit in with the modern "Pottery Barn Kids look". These are some of the nurseries that served as inspiration for me:
In the early days I spent almost every day creating new designs, and scrapping most of them. But lately I've been so consumed with administrative stuff and logistics (incorporating, insurance, accounting, website domain, Etsy shop, marketing, etc.) that I've completely stopped creating new designs. Now that the operational stuff seems to be mostly in place and running smoothly, I'd really like to get back to creating some new designs.

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Kimberly said...

All of your designs definitely fit the "pottery barn kids" look, and the religious-theme angle gives them a refreshing quality. I saw some really great ideas when I was shopping for a baby shower gift the other week. I'll have to find their website and send it to you to. A little extra inspiration never hurt!