Thursday, November 6, 2008

gift sets

One of my favorite artists, Sarah Jane, posted some absolutely gorgeous photographs of her new stationery sets on her blog this morning, and it reminded me of one my favorite suggestions offered as a Bloggy Giveaway entry last week... a new mom gift set.

So I scrambled to put a few sets together and photograph them while both of my kids were at school this morning (and before it started to rain!) It started raining just as I was taking everything back into the house, and I had about 2 minutes to spare before I had to pick up my son from school, but this afternoon I was able to post some new gift sets in my shop.
It's so time consuming to create, photograph, and post new items, but in a life filled with never ending dishes, laundry, vacuuming, errands, etc. I absolutely love the sense of accomplishment it gives me!


Sarah Jane said...

these are great! I love the colors too! Great job! You are so takes so long to get everything just right....but so worth it in the end! Great job!

sarah Jane

kiddlebug said...

Those are very pretty! I can just imagine you running around to get everything done! Life is never dull.