Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New! Olliegraphic Holiday Collection

I'm so excited to unveil the 2010 olliegraphic holiday collection today!

It features customizable moms, dads, kids, and pets in a wintry setting on folded holiday greeting cards and large gift labels.

I'm offering five hairstyles and four facial hair options for dads, nine hairstyles for moms, and lots of cats and dogs in all different sizes and colors. But if those options aren't exactly right for your family, the artist behind the olliegraphic collection, Meg, is happy to create completely custom illustrations for you, which she'll then send to me to print on your holiday items.

Please note: the ordering deadline for custom illustrations is December 1st.

All of the folded cards include a message printed on the inside of the cards.

I've listed products with up to four children, but if you have more than four children, please feel free to order cards or labels with four children and add the details for the additional children in the "Additional Instructions" field.

I'm also offering a pregnant mom - so cute!

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