Monday, March 10, 2008

ahhhh... an organized workspace!

I was a very organized person before I had children, and I had a really clean house. But those things have taken a backseat to raising children and have especially fallen by the wayside since I started my business.

For example, this table behind my desk was getting to be a complete disaster, covered with seven different kinds of paper and labels that I've been using in the past few weeks. It was driving me nuts, but it never even occured to me to do something about it until I was at an office supply store yesterday, and I saw these wall files... oh my gosh, what have I been thinking?!
My husband put them up last night, and I can't even tell you how delighted I am. Wall files may seem like the most simple, mundane thing, but I feel like the old me is fighting her way through this fog I've been in for the past 4 1/2 years and coming back a tiny little bit at a time!


Sarah Jane said...

i love it! I have those too, and can't do without! looks great!

Meg said...

Those look great!

vana chupp said...

perfect little work space...i am jealous :)