Sunday, February 10, 2008

invitations & birth announcements

I woke up this morning thinking about invitations and wasn't able to go back to sleep. I came downstairs to start designing some, but kept getting distracted by other things. Finally while the kids were having quiet time in the afternoon I began working on them. After a little while I started to think, I should chill out and just keep fine-tuning my current products and forget about invitations.

I took a little break from the computer, and when I came back I had a new Etsy convo (email)... "I'm going to get the favor tags for a shower. Do you do invites also?" Wow - that's the first time I ever got that question! I just love the "contact seller" feature on Etsy - I think it encourages questions and feedback much more than a traditional website, which has been enormously helpful for me.

So I finished up some invitations and posted them in Etsy - both fill-in-the-blank style and personalized. As always, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Here are a few examples:

UPDATE: I just added some birth announcements as well:


honeybunch said...

Sara your designs are killing me. They are sweet and simple and total perfection. I really must have these invitations in my shop!

(the collage prints you saw on my blog around Christmas are by Ida Pearle)


Sarah Jane said...

I just love them!!! I love how simple, yet personal they are!!! can't wait to see more!