Friday, February 15, 2008

a story about one of my favorite customers

I've mentioned before how amazed I've been by all the support, encouragement, tips, and advice I've received from fellow Etsy sellers and blog readers, but I've also had some great customers who have been such a pleasure to work with and get to know.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, The Lawyer's Wife, ordered some personalized party favor tags on a Wednesday for a huge baby shower she was hosting that Sunday. She was so ridiculously laid back and easy going (especially amazing to me because no one would ever use those words to describe me!), and she didn't mind at all having to pay almost as much for overnight shipping as the gift tags themselves. I took the tags to the post office that night and shipped them via Express Mail (overnight guaranteed) - so imagine how I felt when I found out on Saturday afternoon - three days later - that they weren't there yet.

I made a couple of calls to try to find out where they were, and fortunately they were on their way to her house and were delivered that afternoon. If I were her I would've been completely stressed out, but she was as calm and happy as ever and insisted that I didn't need to refund the shipping charges. (My unsuccessful efforts in trying to get the overnight guaranteed postage refunded will be detailed in a future post - Lessons I've Learned about the Post Office.) And after all that she not only sent me this picture of the lovely party favors with one of the tags attached, but she also offered to send me one in case I wanted to take a better picture!I didn't take her up on her offer, but these cookies are so cute it did give me a great idea to get a few cookies like this from a bakery to stage some photos for how my party favor tags can be used. Also, I'm so glad to have discovered her blog, The Pink Clutch, which has become one of my favorite daily reads.

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The Lawyer's Wife said...

How excited am I? I think the best part is that you view me laid back and easy going which is NOT at all how my family would describe me ... I guess that comes with the blessing of a special needs child. Surely, I am the blessed one to have found you!!!

Thanks for the sweet comments ... you have made my day! MPM