Thursday, December 6, 2007

kindness of strangers

When I first joined Etsy I was hesitant to post in the forums, but I went ahead and posted for the first time on November 19th asking for advice for my shop. The response was overwhelmingly positive (and a much needed ego boost!) Since then I've gotten more and more comfortable posting in various forums on Etsy, and I really enjoy it. I'm continually amazed at what a kind, supportive community it is, how quickly everyone responds to questions and how eager everyone is to help.

Yesterday I posted in a forum where everyone was critiquing each other's shops (my favorite topic!), and I received an incredibly uplifting comment from a fellow Etsian. She said, "...your stuff looks like something out of a designer baby catalog (like Pottery Barn Kids) and somehow including your style in your shop might help link you to buyers. i love it--classic colors and simple elegant pictures/graphics." It was such a thrill to hear someone compare my designs to Pottery Barn Kids - exactly the look I was going for!


Crystal said...

I found you through the blogring.

Your stuff is ADORABLE. I mean, SOOO adorable.

As soon as I have a kid (or one of my friends has a kid) I'm so there. :o)

I wish you luck with etsy!

Sara Tams said...

Thank you, Crystal - I really appreciate the comment! I just took a look at your website, and your jewelry is beautiful!